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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Just being introspective tonight

having just ended a good outing with a new friend

a new friend who seems to be of high standard

one of those types that really make you sit back and take note of where YOU fall short


Wow. I really need to step MY game up in a few areas

areas that they at least seem to be much stronger in

areas that you value and want to improve yourself in

...humbling experience...

yet frustrating in a sense that

well, honestly...

you're attracted to them

and these qualities,

though at this early stage in the friendship are merely a first impression,

really make pursuing them seem like a daunting task...

you're gonna have to really be ready for that caliber of person

you can't be all lukewarm, so-so, nonchalant...

just kinda going with the flow in certain areas

They say they're intimidated by strong women

I say 'sure', some are

but this isn't quite the same...

I'm actually attracted to this one even more

I just have to do a little homework on myself,

a little self-inventory and assessment

...This is all really tiring

and oft times doesn't end quite like you want it to...