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Sunday, August 29, 2010

untitled (written at age 27)

It's Friday
but it feels like another day
adulthood comes wit more work
less time for play
had a nostalgic 7 days before today
seen old faces wit new bodies
chicks I used to dig back when NAS was rappin wit Foxy
I reminisce
decades past I miss
Dont know why
must've been the freedom of ignorance
during adolescence we wanted to be grown
now its time to save money to move out on my own
from landlines to cell phones
I've changed over that past couple
I can be in a room full of faces yet I still feel alone
But not then,
I was livin then
True, I got more friends now than I had back when
but it was just easier pushin dad's van
only worries was gettin homework done and your wardrobe had to be in
shape-ups were 5 even, 6 if he was good
chicks was sweatin the dude in the Aja Imani jacket wit the glitter on the hood
The simple life
no bills except lunch meals
even had a pager if you was that nice
Shawty wit the dimples look nice
Couldn't wait to rock the fresh Top Flight
in first period she sure to look twice
It was Usher before Chris Brown
Ginuwine was So Anxious and Mary was singin' My Life My Life My Life...

it was sunshine,
but now it's real life, steady on the grind
slim margin for mistakes
false move and you flatline
just one time
You can lay down but you won't fly
Too old for moms to dry your eye
Taller than pops now so now you gotta reach the sky
make the moves and figure out why.

Time used to stand still
still wish it were more like yesterday though
but I guess this is how growin up feels...